About Us.

Weddings are never just a one day affair, it's a life-long-even-beyond celebration!

Gaatha is an idea incubated by Priyanshu Bhargava materialized in 2016 

We at Gaatha believe that photographs are not just images and portraits, they invoke nostalgia. They're the legacy we leave behind, offering a way to share our stories with the generations to come. 

We bring out the best and the most special memories of your big day. All this for you in the most effortless manner without any hassles or interruption. 

When this significant moment comes or just anything that warms up your heart happens, we will be your partners in freezing those cherished moments in time. Make us a part of your celebration,  we will ensure you and your loved ones will be glad you did!

Meet Priyanshu Bhargava.

Priyanshu is passionate about two things: Culture and Design. Be it food, a beautiful room, a pretty dress or a well developed park - he is fascinated by the human ability to create stunning spaces and moments. All this is especially enhanced in a wedding which is both aesthetically and emotionally charged and allows him to curate exquisite frames. 
Priyanshu is a mechanical engineer but his love for art and photography made him channelize his hobby into this full fledged company Gaatha. He often travels to the places less explored. If not camera, then you will find game pad in his hand, always up for a game of FIFA.