Gaurav and Priyanka, Wedding | September 2018, Mumbai

I have not known Gaurav for very long, we met some where in the year 2016 and bonded instantly. His wedding was something we were all waiting for and anytime he called and said "Need to talk something important" and the first thing that popped up in my mind was probably is wedding got fixed. So after 3-4 such speculative calls, THE call about Priyanka happened and that was it. Gaurav was getting married!

I will not deny that there was teeny-tiny pressure of covering his shoot, Gaurav himself is such an ace photographer so his bar of expectations is going to be higher than most of the people. There were benefits too for this like he took efforts in calling us to the venue to understand the light, pick up spots for couple portraits!

The first function was Haldi that happened a day before the wedding. Gaurav is very close to his family and they are all closely knit, everyone was enthusiastic about him getting married. But Gaurav is Gaurav, he was all over the place in his colorful shorts playing around with kids and teasing everyone around.

I am big time foodie and the typical Maharashtrian Brahmin home cooked food that was being served was so damn delicious and we thanked him for making a part of his day mainly for this reason.

The wedding took place in the morning of Sept 6 with all the Marathi customs in place and with giggles of Priyanka and Gaurav. He has two best friends Tushar and  Ganesh and Tushar couldn't make it to the wedding. After all the rituals, one surprise video call from him made Gaurav cry into tears. I have never seen emotional as he is most of the times full of energy and laughter but I guess marriages bring out the other side of yours!

We all keep teasing Gaurav for how lucky he is to get Priyanka but jokes apart I am glad they have each other on this roller coaster called Life! I wish you two all love, luck and happiness.