Kushagra and Mousami, Couple Shoot. Feb 2018 | Mumbai

That first guy in your friend circle who gets hitched after which everyone in your khandaan asks "When are you getting married?". Kasbi is that guy from my college group!

This love story is curated by Kushagra (Kasbi) and Mousami's parents and WE all his friends thank them for finding such a perfect match. I have known Kasbi and his family since my school days, so shooting his wedding was more like a family celebration. The day his wedding date was fixed, he called me up and just said "Tell me your price, you are booked for my wedding!"

I always suggest couples to have a pre wedding shoot because the wedding day is most of the times hectic. It happens quite often that people are so exhausted that they miss out on couples shots or have it just for the sake of it and regret later. Kasbi knows my style and he very well appreciates it, even Mousami gave me full freedom to experiment; her only concern was she should look good in all the pictures!

Both of them lived in different cities so it took some time to chalk out the venue considering the arranged marriage couples are under stricter scrutiny. Dates we never finalised officially, Mousami came over to Kasbi's place one fine day in January and that was the day their pre wed session happened. It was special in a lot of ways apart from the couple getting clicked, it was the very first time the daughter-in-law came home. Kasbi's grandma, sister and parents were all overjoyed.

I wanted to capture them at their original best and after an hour so they almost that my camera was around them. From south bombay's city charm to double deckers, iconic India Gate to rustic old building; it was romantic mumbai tour for the two of them. Almost around sunset we reached lonavala, the golden light did its magic with the pictures and so did their chemistry.

This was somewhere around a month away from their wedding day and more than this couple, we were waiting for the D-day. February the 19th was two days away and the college gang was already in Bhopal.

We will take you to the big day of K+M, stay tuned!