Where are you based and how far can you travel?

We are based in Pune/Mumbai. We can travel anywhere across the globe to cover your story, you just need to take care of our travel and stay.


How and when can we book you?

Click book your story  or the button on the top right of this page, give us few details of your event and we can move ahead from there. You can block your dates as soon as 6 -12 months from your wedding.


What are your deliverables?


  1. Online gallery of 1000-1500 (no strict limit on the number) images for a usual 2 day wedding.

  2. A 3-5 min slideshow to give complete glimpse of your wedding.

  3. A hardbound flush-mount premium wedding album at an additional cost of INR 20,000 (40 sheets and approx 150 odd photos)


  1. A 1 min teaser. (Instagram Film)

  2. A 3-5 mins cinematic trailer.

  3. A complete highlight film of 20 - 30 mins. (Separate sangeet performances if any)


How much do you charge and what are the payment terms?


Our  per day pricing for wedding photography is 80,000 INR per day (inclusive of taxes.) It can be customized if your wedding spans multiple days or if it’s exceptionally short in duration, etc.


Our  per day pricing for cinematic wedding films is 80,000 INR per day (inclusive of taxes.) Again similar to wedding photography this can also be customized if your wedding spans multiple days or if it’s exceptionally short in duration, etc.

We take 50% of the complete payment before the wedding. Remaining is due after the wedding and before the delivery of first set of images i.e 10-15 days after the wedding.

What are the delivery timelines?


 You will get a glimpse of your wedding in 10-15  days of your wedding. Complete set of images will be delivered in 6-8 weeks of your wedding.


Every film is custom made,  it goes through many iterations before the final delivery. So that it appeals to you and can be watched again and again. Usually it takes 3-4 months to deliver a complete based on our work schedule.

At the end you will get a pen-drive delivered at your doorstep containing all the HD images and videos. 


Do you provide wedding albums/photo-books?

We believe that a photo is incomplete if not printed. We love making custom albums for our clients. Check them here.